Part of our goal at Max Attack is to make motorsports accessible and enjoyable for anyone interested in sharing our passion. We offer easy options to get on track and enjoy the thrills of wheel to wheel racing.

If you are looking for an easy, low cost and safe way to experience wheel to wheel racing, we can help. Chumpcar and Lemons events are one of the hottest forms of racing around. These events enjoy large fields of competitors, along with placing emphasize on having fun and camaraderie over winning.

These events do not require you to hold a current club racing license, which means you can get on track with no previous experience. Chumpcar and Lemons both take great care in ensuring safety at their events. All cars are held to similar safety standards as clubs like SCCA and NASA. These may be events for “$500” cars, but safety equipment does not count towards that theoretical price cap. All cars have proper roll cages, tires, brakes and gear.

Organizers of Chumpcar/Lemons are aware that many people do not have a lot of experience being on a race track in a pack of cars. Aggressive driving and disregard for fellow competitors is frowned upon. Rules are sometimes enforced through creative methods such as having to explain yourself to a man dressed like Scooby-Doo or writing “I am a bad driver” on a chalkboard a hundred times. These events are held for fun instead of personal glory.

Weather you are looking to get your feet wet in motorsports, want to get out with some friends for a weekend at the track, or are an experienced racer just looking to relax and have fun, we’ve got you covered.

Our plucky Volkswagen MKIII Golf is always itching for some track time. Contact us for more details about Chumpcar and Lemons events.

Maximum Attack offers rental and service for track days, club events and endurance racing. We can also help you attain your race license. The cars we rent meet regulations for all primary club organizations such as SCCA, NASA, EMRA and IMG.

Inside of the Maximum Attack rental VW Golf

Our VW is great for all rental racing

Our VW Golf on the track

Chumpcar race