A Maximum Attack on the 2013 Fidelity Power Systems ProIT Series

When it comes to the 2013 Fidelity Power Systems ProIT Series, Maximum Attack Motorsports is in it to win it.

And to help aspiring racers at every level of motorsports along the way.

“That’s what we do,” Maximum Attack Motorsports co-founder Brandon Lewis smiled and said. “There are a lot of different ways to enjoy driving and competing in motorsports – and at the end of the day nothing tastes better than victory.”

Maximum Attack Motorsports has joined forces with South Jersey road-racing teammates John Hainsworth and Tom Smith to launch a maximum attack on the 2013 Fidelity Power Systems ProIT series championship.

John Hainsworth

It’s a perfect marriage.

“John and Tom are both championship winning drivers – proven race winners in highly competitive fields,” Brandon continued. “We at Max-Attack have the technical resources and experience, and trackside support, to help them in their 2013 championship bid. This partnership is a winning combination, and another step in the growth of Maximum Attack Motorsports. As we continue to build our business and services, the entire racing community benefits.”

The partnership is already delivering results. Running under the Maximum Attack Motorsports banner for the first time on June 30th 2013, Hainsworth took victory in Round 2 of the 2013 Fidelity Power Systems ProIT series championship at New Jersey Motorsports Park’s Lightning circuit, with Smith finishing in 2nd. Hainsworth and Smith are tied for the 2013 championship lead after two events.

Tom Smith

Maximum Attack Motorsports lives, eats, and breathes racing, with experience in nearly every form of motorsports, and they can be found at a racetrack somewhere nearly every weekend with their arrive and drive, car preparation, trackside support, and driver development programs. In between race events, their shop services are helping local racers build, develop, and maintain their cars.

“When Maximum Attack Motorsports approached us with this partnership idea, we were excited by the possibilities right away,” said Round 1 winner Smith. “The folks at Max Attack are great people, truly committed to serving the needs of the racing community. We know them, like them, and reach out to them for help with the cars and the races. It was a privilege to race with them and work side by side to bring home a 1-2 result in our first race together.”

Follow the Maximum Attack Motorsports max-attack on the 2013 Fidelity Power Systems ProIT series championship righ here at www.max-attack.net!

Devil in the Dark 2013 at NJ Motorsports Park

Unknowns are a fact of life, whether you want to acknowledge them or not. Every day holds challenges and opportunities that are overcome, seized or ignored. Just like how you sometimes have to take a bold line to make a pass, you’ll never really test yourself unless you step off the known path and blaze a new trail. We ain’t saying we fashion ourselves to be a regular Christopher Columbus, maybe a bit like Captain Kirk who was a way more awesome dude, but sometimes you just have to think outside the box or in this case, inside the boxer.

The Subaru Impreza has been a global phenom on the rally circuit for the better part of two decades. Its first iteration, often referred to by the chassis code “GC”, catapulted the likes of rally legend Colin McCrae, a true max attack driver, to the top of the sport.

But in the world of road racing, the GC Impreza never really caught on. In North America the Impreza 2.5RS was Subaru’s sportiest model. Though it possessed the same aggressive stance and scoop-festooned hood of its overseas siblings, it lacked the turbocharged punch of the Japanese and European counterparts. With the introduction of the WRX to the North American market in ’02 the 2.5RS slipped even further off the radar of many enthusiasts.

A neglected opportunity perhaps, as there are some key traits to take note of. The 2.5 liter naturally aspirated boxer engine is larger than any other four cylinder in its class and gives the RS good torque and a broad power band. The chassis is also very light for an AWD car and the rally inspired suspension provides fun stable handling.

This year’s Devil in the Dark endurance race was the debut for our newly built ITS classed Impreza 2.5RS. Our car was largely untested, so it was not surprising a few glitches occurred during practice. Addressing these teething problems caused us to miss our qualifying session, relegating us to near the back of the field in 44th starting position.

However once the green flag fell our car ran largely trouble free for the entire twelve hours. The Devil did try sticking a pitchfork in our plans with some on-track scuffles, which gave our Impreza a few character building battle scars that would do its rally racing siblings proud.

Thanks to the patience and talent of our driver lineup, aided by excellent pit work from our crew, we steadily clawed our way from the back to a respectable 20th place finish overall. With a solid debut for our Impreza, Maximum Attack Motorsports will continue exploring new territory, with the goal of putting it on the map as a competitive IT car.

2013 Results

Windshadowstudios photos by Mike Woeller


Maximum Attack Impreza Endurance Race

BMW M3 trailing our Subaru Impreza

Our Subaru Impreza

Only Minor Repairs on our Race Car

Thumbs Up from one of our drivers

Chumpcar and LeMons Racing

Part of our goal at Max Attack is to make motorsports accessible and enjoyable for anyone interested in sharing our passion. We offer easy options to get on track and enjoy the thrills of wheel to wheel racing.

If you are looking for an easy, low cost and safe way to experience wheel to wheel racing, we can help. Chumpcar and Lemons events are one of the hottest forms of racing around. These events enjoy large fields of competitors, along with placing emphasize on having fun and camaraderie over winning.

These events do not require you to hold a current club racing license, which means you can get on track with no previous experience. Chumpcar and Lemons both take great care in ensuring safety at their events. All cars are held to similar safety standards as clubs like SCCA and NASA. These may be events for “$500” cars, but safety equipment does not count towards that theoretical price cap. All cars have proper roll cages, tires, brakes and gear.

Organizers of Chumpcar/Lemons are aware that many people do not have a lot of experience being on a race track in a pack of cars. Aggressive driving and disregard for fellow competitors is frowned upon. Rules are sometimes enforced through creative methods such as having to explain yourself to a man dressed like Scooby-Doo or writing “I am a bad driver” on a chalkboard a hundred times. These events are held for fun instead of personal glory.

Weather you are looking to get your feet wet in motorsports, want to get out with some friends for a weekend at the track, or are an experienced racer just looking to relax and have fun, we’ve got you covered.

Our plucky Volkswagen MKIII Golf is always itching for some track time. Contact us for more details about Chumpcar and Lemons events.

Maximum Attack offers rental and service for track days, club events and endurance racing. We can also help you attain your race license. The cars we rent meet regulations for all primary club organizations such as SCCA, NASA, EMRA and IMG.

Inside of the Maximum Attack rental VW Golf

Our VW is great for all rental racing

Our VW Golf on the track

Chumpcar race

Successful Debut for Maximum Attack Motorsport’s Two Newest Race Cars

The South Jersey SCCA region hosted the Joe DeLuca and Linda Gronlund Lightning Challenge on the June 30th-July 1st weekend where Ed Werry entered SPO in a Super Truck Silverado and Brandon Lewis entered STU in a Dodge Neon SRT-4. Due to issues in qualifying, both Ed and Brandon started at the back of their race groups, however, the Maximum Attack Motorsports team co-owners drove through the field came away with a pair of second place finishes in the debut of the team’s newest race cars.

Maximum Attack Camp

Eds Second Place Finish

Brandons Second Place Finish

Great Weekend of Racing with IMG

Maximum Attack Motorsports brought out the Super Truck and the SRT-4 to play at Independent Motorsports Group’s first event at NJMP. Ed put the truck on pole for Saturday’s race, and scored a flag to flag victory, while Brandon put down laps fast enough to score a class win in time trial. Sunday was a repeat for both drivers and the IMG crew lead by Charlie Greenhaus put on an awesome event. Kudos to all who helped put on this successful weekend.

Brandon Driving the SRT4

The Race Lineup

Ed Out Front in the Silverado

Brandons First Place Finish

Dark hours during the Devil

When you have success the logical step is to build on that success by setting more ambitious goals. Last year at SCCA’s Devil in the Dark 12 hour endurance race, Maximum Attack Motorsports managed to pull together an unfamiliar crew, with a new-to-the-team car, to win the Improved Touring B class. It was an example of how with a little planning and steady work you can put yourself in a position to take advantage of opportunity.

So it stood to reason that when we returned in 2012, with more shop, extra crew and twice the cars, that we would rely more on preparation than racing luck. Whereas in 2011 we had the slowest car in the field and steady and problem-free run, this year both of our Improved Touring B MKIII Golfs where up to speed and piloted by an equally experienced driver line up that put our #42 car on pole for the class. But, as where last year luck was on our side, this year the tables were turned and we became an example of how even the best laid plans can go awry thanks to racing’s fickle nature.

Our MKIII Golfs though almost identical visually, had some minor performance differences and ran different fuel strategies. This would allow us sufficient gaps between pit stops, so we did not need separate crews for each car. It would also allow pit stops to flow into each other on a more regular time table, keeping everyone busy enough to not get bored between what would otherwise be two hour fuel windows.

We could argue that a boring day at the track can be a good day, as it means nothing goes wrong. Our event turned into anything but boring as late in practice Friday our #37 car broke a transmission, which meant a late night replacement to make early practice and grid the next day. Unfortunately #37 broke it’s replacement transmission again just over two hours into the race, side lining it for the day. Then, car #42 which had been comfortably leading the class began to fall victim to never before seen gremlins, obviously minions of the Devil who wasn’t waiting for darkness to plague the field.

A rear rotor splitting in two brought the car behind the wall. The broken rotor caused more damage than the rotor alone which led to a more lengthy repair than anyone would like this early in the event, or at any point for that matter. Our team of mechanics handled the repair with skilled haste and we were back on track and on pace quickly.

After having lost car #37 and affixing major repairs to #42, things looked to be settling down through the next round of pit stops. Though we were now a few laps down to the leader, the car still had good pace. Our primary rival from last year, the MKII Golf of Team Troxell racing had stayed out of trouble early and was leading at this point. We were steadily gaining back time, until we had a wheel bearing issue. This time it looked to be the driver’s side front, so back behind the wall. We discovered that the front wheel bearing had loosened. In fact, we ended up having to replace the entire front knuckle, and axle shaft because of other associate damage.

The wheel bearing issues ended up putting us well down the order, compounded by rain showers that began moving into the area late in the event. With affixed repairs, our drivers had settled into a steady as she goes pace to minimize the potential of further problems and keep the car in the road in tricky and ever-changing conditions of racing at night in the rain.

Meanwhile, as our state of affairs seemed to have been resigned to just finishing, the #2 MKII of Team Troxell had put itself in a position to take advantage of luck and was well out in the lead. However, not all was well, as a team member of Troxell asked if they could utilize the battery in our long since withdrawn #37 car. Their MKII was having issues with its charging system and losing voltage. Electrical gremlins not being the easiest to track down in such conditions, they had put faith in the car’s ability to limp home but as a just in case, we lent them a battery which proved to be the saving grace. With about two hours left in the event and rain making the encroaching darkness surrounding the Millville course treacherous, Team Troxell was forced to bring the car into the pits for a battery change. With the fall of night, they could barely keep the auxiliary headlights, vital for visibility, switched on. Whatever the voltage problem was, likely an alternator, it was draining the car’s charging system rapidly now that the use of headlights became necessary.

Through the last hour, the sporadic heavy rain exacerbated the fatigue felt by all the drivers and crews, challenging them to put that extra effort in for a good finish. Although we had lost any real chance of a win, our group resolved for the best finish possible. Considering the circumstances, 3rd place was not all that bad.

Meanwhile at the front of ITB, Troxell managed to take the win and their valiant MKII Golf finally gave up the ghost on the very last lap. After seeing the checkered flag, the MKII’s headlights visibly dimmed and it limped around back to its pit stall, where it promptly expired and had to be pushed back into the paddock. It was a amazing example of willing a car to finish and we congratulate Team Troxell for their hard work.

When all is said and done motorsports for most of us is a combination of weekend hobby, business or passion that fuels our competitive natures. Even with this year’s 12 hour being a disappointment, after winning in 2011, there is still a lot to look back on and be satisfied with. There is a lot more to learn from defeat, then victory, and building on those lessons is the key for future success. You can’t view it as a waste of time just because you don’t win. Motorsports is about a lot more than just finishing first on the track. Spending time with friends, family, working collaboratively on goals and the comradeship of a shared passion with your fellow competitors all beats sitting at home on the couch and watching TV.

The Devil in the Dark is a 12 hour endurance race hosted by the SCCA at New Jersey Motorsports Park’s 2.25mile Thunderbolt circuit. NJMP utilizes this track for major race series like American Lemans, Grand-Am and AMA Superbike.

2012 Results:




Getting ready for the start of the race

Maximum Attack Motorsports represented in pit lane at NJMP

Looking to pass the Acura Integra

Pit stop for the 37 car

Changing the knuckle on the 42 car

Racing in the Rain at the Devil in the Dark 12 Hour Race

Kirk Knestis takes home a pair of siver medals from rounds 1 and 2 of the Pro IT series.

Maximum Attack Motorsports provided service support for driver Kirk Knestis at rounds 1 and 2 of the Pro IT series in Millville, NJ. The Pro IT races acted as the opener for the Grand Am series event at New Jersey Motorsports Park and the competition was fierce for the pros and the club racers alike. Kirk and his trusty VW Golf named Pablo had a problem free weekend qualifying and finishing second in ITB in both races. The Maximum Attack crew also serviced the ITB class VW Golf of Trans Am veteran Mel Shaw, which suffered an unfortunate head gasket failure. Congrats to Kirk on a job well done! The Maximum Attack team will be supporting Kirk and Pablo at IT Fest July 27th-29th at Mid-Ohio, which is a key event of the IT National Tour series. Keep an eye out for news and info.

Kirk's Silver Medal-Winning VW Golf

Pair of Pro IT VW Golf Race Cars

Celebrating a Win at the ProIT race at Milleville

Max Attack team prepares to defend endurance racing title

Without a doubt, one of 2011’s greatest moments was taking the checkered flag at the Devil in the Dark 12 hour endurance race at New Jersey Motorsports Park.

Celebrating Our Devil in the Dark Win

Winning the ITB class was a team effort and we are planning a 1-2 finish as we prepare to enter a pair of VW Golfs in the E4 group class for 2012. Last year’s winning car is back and refreshed with a new maximum spec engine and a host of other upgrades. The team will also be fielding Kirk Knestis’ famous VW, widely known as Pablo. Servicing two cars at the same race for 12 hours straight will be a challenge, but the Maximum Attack Motorsports team will be ready!

Last year’s winning driver line up of Kirk Knestis, Rob Foley, Ed Werry, and Brandon Lewis will be back for 2012. Kirk and Rob are on board to defend the title, and Rob is bringing along his son, Robby. Maximum Attack team principals Brandon and Ed are also putting in their time behind the wheel with the Foley boys, along with veteran road racer and hillclimber Dave Yeager, and former National 2wd rally champion Mark Lawrence.

Both VW’s are being thoroughly gone over. We are sharpening the fine-tooth comb in the shop right now in preparation for the 12 hour coming up in April. Why not open the year with a grueling endurance race that ends at midnight? Sounds like a blast!

Maximum Attack Motorsports is pleased to announce we will be welcoming back our valued sponsors US Rally Team, and H.A. DeHart & Son transportation equipment for this event. A huge ‘welcome aboard’ to CDM Electronics for their support as well. Detailed releases and more news to follow as the 12 hour approaches. Stay tuned!

Two new race cars enter the stable

One of the most competitive and fastest growing classes in SCCA road racing is STU (Super Touring Under) and that is exactly where this former Grand Am series Dodge SRT4 is headed in 2012.

SRT4 race car

We are currently going through the car from top to bottom and adding some nice upgrades to this already very potent turbocharged machine.

Another growing area of road racing is the world of tube chassis, fire-breathing, V8 powered ‘stock cars.’ There are lots of places to play with these kinds of cars… and trucks. Yes trucks, or Super Trucks like ours, which will be raced in the SPO (Super Production Over) class.

Chevrolet Race Truck

Just like the SRT4, the Super Truck is being gone through and upgraded whenever and wherever possible. Keep an eye out for more updates, specs and photos.