The Maximum Attack team lives, eats, and breathes racing. While our primary focus is road racing, we have experience in rally, hillclimbing, time trial, and ice racing as well. Nearly every weekend (and some weekdays) during race season we can be found at a race track east of the Mississippi, fielding at least two race vehicles and having a blast doing it. Whether you are a beginning HPDE driver, or a seasoned racer, please take a look at our services page and let us know how we can help you accomplish your goals.

Road racing

GTI on Three Wheels

Race Truck

Celebrating a Win at the ProIT race at Milleville

Dodge Viper Attacking the Track

Miatas Battling for Position

Racing in the Rain at the Devil in the Dark 12 Hour Race

Hillclimb Event

GTI About to Dive Into a Turn

VW Catchin' Air

Race Truck Taking a Turn

Celebrating Our Devil in the Dark Win